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It's been quite a while since we've pooled in our staff-writers, a.k.a. our buzz makers for the launching of this blog - and after a few hiccups and eventually having everyone on board with the world of chatter work and key-pressing, we're finally here!

Here means, the in-depth world of Belian Hotel, as a budding company in the hospitality industry. Here, means, we are opening our doors for you to celebrate with us through some of life's beautiful offerings: food, travel, nature, festivities, culture, experiences, and the kindred spirits of people.

We're here to provide you with tips and tricks, recipes, and other behind-the-scenes action from beyond your hotel room. We'd like to take you off the beaten path and offer you a local's perspective of our beautiful province of Bohol.

Explore with us, as we'll keep you updated a few times weekly about Belian Hotel promotions and buzz.

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